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The question “Do cannabis works?” has been answered by many and it is ‘yes.’ In fact, there are numerous scientific and medical reports across the world that all confirm that cannabis use Disorder is a mental disorder, which develops when regular cannabis users get over their psychological and physical dependence to this plant. This dependence on cannabis is very similar to alcohol addiction. If you want to know more about how cannabis works, read on and in the coming paragraphs you will come to know the answer to the question, “Does cannabis work?”

The answer is ‘Yes,’ but not in the way you may think. Most medical experts have confirmed that regular and long-term cannabis use leads to a higher risk of mental illnesses. People who use cannabis smoke more frequently also suffer from increased risk of depression and anxiety and they spend more hours in stressful situations. People who consume marijuana are also more likely to develop personality disorders and other mental health problems such as schizophrenia. These people usually spend most of their time inside their homes and they do not go outside their houses at all.

According to the latest studies, regular and prolonged cannabis use also leads to an increased risk of psychosis, which is one of the most serious types of mental disorders. Those who are suffering from cannabis use disorder are more likely to see things and people differently than normal people. They are more sensitive to sounds, visuals, and other people’s feelings and they experience hallucinations frequently.

Aside from the risk of psychosis, regular and long-term cannabis use also affects the development of the blood vessels and the functioning of the heart. People who are using cannabis regularly are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and clots. Medical experts say that the regular and long-term use of cannabis can cause the irreversible decrease of certain brain chemicals called dopamine and nor epinephrine. This is very evident by the fact that people who are using cannabis have a lot of plaque in their arteries. They have many plaques in the arteries of the heart, and they have also decreased the amount of the body’s hyaluronic acid, the amino acid which lubricates the smooth muscles and helps maintain the smooth muscles’ stiffness.

The most common chemicals found in cannabis are THC (tetrahydrocannabinoids) and CBD (Cannabidiol). The THC has the least amount of chemicals while the CBD has the most. It is believed that the cannabidiol is the reason behind the anti-psychotic and sedative effects of cannabis. The CBD is believed to help fight off anxiety and counteract the harmful effects of the highly addictive stimulant, nicotine. big bud floraison However, scientific and medical experts disagree with this claim because they believe that CBD is not capable of fighting off these harmful stimulants.

Recent medical marijuana studies have shown that CBD is very effective in helping people who are suffering from the debilitating symptoms brought about by some forms of diseases. Some people say that even if the CBD cannot totally prevent diseases like cancer or diabetes from occurring, it still has a lot of benefits. According to medical marijuana users, the presence of the right chemical compounds in cannabis can actually help reduce the side effects of those diseases. These compounds are known as cannabinoids. What does cannabis have that can help reduce the risks of the disease?