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The cannabis Xmas Tree is a super-sized gift of cannabis. It’s perfect for the marijuana enthusiast who wants to buy gifts for all their friends and family members. We’ve all received that weed-leaf shaped clay, that has a bunch of potpourri beads and daffodils in it. Now get ready to celebrate the holidays without having to buy another gift for everyone on your list this year!

There are some new creative gifts to be given out at this time of year. Why not make a weed of your own? By growing some marijuana, you can give it as a gift. You can also save some weed from last year, and stock your house with a new crop next year.

Here’s how you can do it. First, buy the marijuana. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be expensive because there are plenty of specialty shops that sell the stuff at reasonable prices. Next, find or grow a good growing pot. You can find these online. Or, you can purchase a good, sturdy garden pot.

Once you have the right pot and a sturdy root system set up, it’s time to get started. Cut the marijuana stems to about a foot tall and tie them together with Bobby pins. Then take a beautiful Xmas tree preferably a Christmas tree that you’ve already put up with dry leaves–and prune the tree. Add more flowering buds to the pot every two weeks or so. When it’s almost done, take the flowering stems and hang them upside down inside the pot of moss.

When the weed starts to fill in the bottom of the pot, take some more leaves and moss and press it into place. Once the weed is filled, add some more flowering buds. Make sure they’re all facing upward. When it’s done filling in the bottom, remove the Bobby pins and hang on the tree in a dark room for about a week.

Now, it’s time for your gift!. white widow auto rendement Carefully tape each stem to the underside of the pot so the weed doesn’t escape. Use a hole saw to make a small hole in the middle of the pot. Then attach the Christmas rope lights to the pot, and enjoy watching your tree light up for another year!.

And now, here comes the gift that will last a lifetime: an herb garden. Your friends and family will be amazed at how easy and beautiful your garden is. Enjoy growing herbs all year long, not just during the Christmas season. Your gifts will be showered with praises from everyone when you invite them over for tea!

As a final gift, get creative! For example, what about designing a Christmas wreath with marijuana leaves and pot? You could also buy little boxes that have little marijuana buds on them and attach colorful glitter to them to add to the design!